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A mind-body approach to mental health wellbeing, trauma and grief.

Why Hinoki Healing?

Welcome to Hinoki Healing, a place dedicated to helping you find peace and healing. We specialise in Breathwork Therapy & Holistic Counselling, offering different ways for you to navigate through tough times, especially if you're dealing with grief or trauma. Our services include personalised one-on-one sessions, friendly group classes, immersive retreats, and a combined breathwork and counseling program designed to guide you on your healing journey.

Our main goal is to be a source of support, helping you manage your emotions and find balance after experiencing difficult times. We get that past experiences can really affect how you feel, and we're here to create a safe and understanding space where you can start healing.

What makes us different is our commitment to creating a space filled with love and free from judgment. We believe in the power of kindness and understanding as crucial parts of the healing process. Whether you choose a private session, join a group class, attend a retreat, or try our combined breathwork and counseling program, you can trust that you're entering a space where your well-being is our main focus.

Our services are made for anyone who's going through a tough time related to grief or trauma and who is ready to find self-love and self-worth within. If you're looking for a caring and supportive place to start your healing journey, Hinoki Healing is here for you. Let's take this path together toward healing, finding strength, and emotional well-being.


I can't wait to support your healing journey.

Let's connect.

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