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The provision of Holistic Counselling is intended as a tool to assist clients towards their own ultimate goals. It does in no way replace or is a substitute for professional medical or psychological assistance.  Clients who have a medical or psychological disorder or illness must seek professional medical advice. This responsibility falls with the client to disclose and not the Holistic Counsellor to diagnose.
The role of the Holistic Counsellor is to assist the client to bring balance into their whole lives and ensure the client is in touch with their own needs on a holistic level - typically the mind, body and spirit.  No assumption of responsibility is made or taken through the provision of Holistic Counselling.
All information supplied by the client is confidential and the client may request to view their own personal information, stored in the Holistic Counsellor’s records. Information will not be given to third parties in relation to the client or the client’s personal details without the permission of the client, unless the Holistic Counsellor deems the client, or any other person associated with the client, to be in a serious or life threatening situation, in which case the Holistic Counsellor is duty bound to report the perceived danger to the appropriate authorities. Such incidences may include suicidal tendencies or physical, mental or emotional abuse being committed on or by the client.

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