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One-on-One $150 per session 
Group $50 per person

Trauma Release & Deep Healing

Many of us are taught to suppress our emotions and may struggle to verbalise how we feel. Breathwork is a no-talk therapy that allows you to find the answers within, work through stuck energy, trauma, anxiety or depression and heal from past wounds. This is a powerful healing tool that will create immense growth and inner understanding.


Nay, founder of Hinoki Healing, will guide you into an O Breath technique exercise that is supported by music and frequency, carefully designed to move through each chakra providing deep healing, relaxation and emotional regulation. Sessions are held at Flow Yoga Canberra , for a duration of 1.5 hours, in a beautiful private therapy space that is a comfortable, safe and non-judgmental space to let go.


Nay is trained in the O Breath technique created by Simone Louise, which combines ancient methods, frequency, sound and colour to create a healing experience like no other.

A woman doing yoga
Rock Balancing


$120 per session 

Mind, Body & Soul

Hinoki Healing's Holistic Coaching combines therpay and coching to provide the support and tools to manifest your dreams and goals, bringing them to fruition. Hinoki Healing will work with a client to understand what their inner-self desires and how to master the art of creating habits and manifestation. The key to success is understanding what a client's future state will look like.  Hinoki Healing will assist the client to focus on each key life area, determining what is required to guide them to their highest potential. Hinoki Healing prides itself on its safe, caring and non-judgmental environment, throughout the client’s healing journey.  Whether a client's concerns are centered around trauma, grief and loss, self-development or relationships, Hinoki Healing provides support and tools to re-align the autonomic nervous system and remove limiting beliefs, enriching the healing journey.

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