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My name is Nay, I am an internationally recognised holistic counsellor, coach and breathwork therapist. I am passionate about helping you heal from past loss or traumatic experiences, through the power of your mind, body, emotions and breath. My purpose is to guide you to a place of self-empowerment, self-love and inner peace. You have all the knowledge and tools within to create the mindset, life and experiences you desire, and I can't wait to support you with love and empathy as you grow.

My Story

Five years ago, I initiated a transformative journey of healing, prompted by a 15-year struggle with major depression, grief, and panic attacks. The challenges began early in my life with my parents' separation at the age of 2. Subsequently, I faced the heartbreaking loss of an uncle who, at 26, played a fatherly role in my childhood, and later, the passing of a cousin to brain cancer. The string of losses continued with my great grandparents, a 24-year-old uncle to suicide, and another cousin succumbing to brain cancer before turning 30.

This constant wave of loss wreaked havoc on my relationships, physical and mental well-being, career, and behaviors. The turning point came when my current partner suggested meditation, a practice I credit with saving my life. Convinced of its transformative power, I felt compelled to share this incredible tool with others, leading me to explore Holistic Counselling. This approach, incorporating talk therapy and meditation, addresses the interconnected aspects of mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

As my journey progressed, I discovered the profound impact of breathwork. Even though I had overcome severe depression, breathwork elevated my healing to new heights. With each breath, I experienced powerful emotional releases, unearthing suppressed memories and emotions. The process allowed me to let go, leaving me feeling lighter and more at peace after each session. I found a newfound freedom from my past, feeling prepared for whatever the future held.

While I acknowledge that life will always present challenges, I've equipped myself to navigate them. I want to share this empowering experience with others. My therapeutic approach isn't about providing answers; it's about guiding you to discover those answers within yourself, releasing the physical pain of the past through breath, and leading you back to self-love and empowerment.



I can't wait to support your healing journey.

Let's connect.

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