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My name is Nay and I am the Founding Director of Hinoki Healing.  My purpose is to help each client work through experiences such as grief, loss, trauma, anxiety and depression; all of which I have personally experienced, yet holistically overcome.  My first-hand experience allows me to deeply understand a client's needs; creating a safe, non-judgmental space and empowering them to understand their own goals and emotions.

The Japanese native Hinoki tree is a tall, slow-growing Cyprus known for its high-quality timber and ornamental qualities. Of most importance is the healing qualities of its oil, offering neuroprotective affects against stress, anxiety, insomnia and helps to initiate the relaxation response. It is also beautiful oil to diffuse during meditation, to open the mind and grounding you in the present moment.

Hinoki Healing's purpose is to work alongside nature to assist clients in their healing journey and, ultimately, empowering them to reach their highest potential.

Image by Cristofer Maximilian
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